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Sunday evening
20:30 Me: I am now in Uganda. Can we meet tomorrow monday some where in Kampala in the afternoon?
20:33 Elly: Yes we shall meet
20:34 Me: Pls suggest where to meet
20:34 Me: And when
20:38 Elly: There is a place called piato at nakasero is nice and lets meet at 4pm
20:59 Me: Can you tell me the name of the street?
21:02 Elly: I will pick you from your hotel tell me the name of that hotel
21:15 Me: I stay with a friend outside town. You can pick me at speke hotel Ill be there from 3:30
Monday afternoon
15:40 Elly: Hi Hans are you atthe venue?
15:41 Me: I am at Speke Hotel outside the lobby
15:43 Elly: OK I will meet you there
16:17 Me: Any problem?
16:51 Elly: Traffic jam but am near here
16:57 Elly: Am inside munyonyo are you at the conferance (Munyonyo is 7 kms from Speke hotel)
16:59 Me: No, outside the lobby
17:10 Elly: Am already there are you still here
17:10 Me: Yes
17:15 Me: Am just outside the speke hotel main entrance waiting
17:23 Me: sorry I have to leave now
17:26 Elly: OK We shall meet again but i tried to trace but i could not get you
Later in the evening
21:39 Me: Can we meet thursday at 4PM at Piato. I found this place, Lumumba Ave.
21:43 Elly: Yes thats is perfect sorry for 2day



Not meeting Elly

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