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Macedonia - next step

20.02.2013, seneste ændring 26.02.2013
I have now almost three years followed and helped to support scouting in Macedonia. It has been a great experience so far. This time I have been down there to assess efforts to date and make a plan of action for the next three years.

Veles - the 6th largest city in Macedonia

From Skopje east passing by the airport and then south about 60 kilometers all-in-all and then we are in Veles.

Veles - Youth needs assesment

20.02.2013, seneste ændring 26.02.2013
Michael and I drove with the scouts to Veles Saturday morning. Supported by USAID they have developed a concept for Youth Needs Assessment, which they use to engage in dialogue about needs of youth, especially needs of scouts today. Important parts of these needs should be met by the program that Scouting offers young people.